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Has your private power pole fallen due to storm damage, strong winds or age?

RJ Fowler Electrical/Central Coast Overheads & Undergrounds are Level 2 Electricians who also specialize in the supply and installation of new private power poles and the replacement of defective power poles both treated hardwood timber and galvanised steel poles across the entire Central Coast, Newcastle and The Hunter.

We can attend to all your private power pole needs as we have a specialized crane truck set up to carry and install private power poles so there is no need to engage in a third party, we can complete this all safely for you making your electrical needs more cost effective and installed by experienced private pole installers.

  • New treated hardwood timber power poles
  • Galvanised steel power poles
  • Replacement of defective power poles
  • Testing of private power poles
  • Relocation of private power poles
  • Removal of old private power poles
  • Installation of poles for carpark and oval lighting

We install power poles for residents, businesses, Central Coast electricians, Level 2 service providers, builders, telecommunication companies and Local Councils.

RJ Fowler Electrical/Central Coast Overheads and Undergrounds have treated hardwood and steel power poles in stock ready for a new installation or to replace a defective power pole. These poles are in stock so we can attend to your private pole emergencies at any time.

As we have been installing power poles across the Central Coast for over 10 years, we have the knowledge to ensure the correct size power pole is used to ensure your electricity or phone connection is connected safely.

Do you need a private power pole replaced?

If your private power pole is showing signs of termite damage, rot or rust then you need to call us now.

rotted timber power pole Rusted steel pole

Poles in stock

RJ Fowler Electrical/Central Coast Overheads and Undergrounds carry both Galvanised Steel and treated hardwood timber poles in stock and are ready for immediate installation. Having the poles in stock allow our Level 2 electricians and private power installation specialists to install you are your private power pole and be available for your 24hr emergencies.

As RJ Fowler Electrical/Central Coast Overheads and Undergrounds have been installing private power poles for many years we are aware that no two jobs are the same and that’s why we keep a variety power poles sizes in stock ready to install.

If a larger pole is required that we do not carry in stock, these can be ordered to suit.

Timber power poles in stock

Hardwood Treated Timber Power Poles

8m 2kN – CCA Treated Hardwood Pole

8m 4kN – CCA Treated Hardwood Pole

9.5m 4kN – CCA Treated Hardwood Pole

9.5m 6kN – CCA Treated Hardwood Pole

11m 4kN – CCA Treated Hardwood Pole


Other sizes can be ordered

Galvanised Steel Power Poles

4 inch diameter by 6.5 meter

6 inch diameter by 6.5 meter

6 inch diameter by 7 meter (can be ordered)

Stainless steel can also be ordered

Why use RJ Fowler Electrical/Central Coast Overheads and Undergrounds to install my private power pole?

  • We can supply your private power pole. If you are not sure what private power pole you require, timber or steel, we can advise you
  • We can replace your defective power pole. Have you received a defect notice from Ausgrid, is your pole showing signs of ageing or wear and tear, has your pole fallen due to storm damage? We can replace your private power pole with poles in stock and our specialised crane truck
  • We can install your private power pole. We are an Accredited Service Provider and know the rules and regulations of installing private power poles on your property. We have a specialised crane truck to carry and install your private power pole
  • We can connect your private power pole. Our Level 2 Electricians are accredited with Ausgrid and are authorised to connect you to the supply network
  • We can inspect your private power pole. We can assist with pole inspections so that you get the longest life span possible from your private power pole

What is a private power pole?

There are numerous ways the electricity supply can be connected to your home or business including having a private power pole located within your boundary.

You may have several private power poles on your property depending on your property size.

Rules and regulations must be met when connecting power from the supply network to your property and installing a private power pole will be required to meet current rules.

Find out more information to identifying private poles and powerlines here

Who can replace my private pole?

Pole replacements must be replaced by a licenced electrical contractor (Accredited Service Provider), that is us!  We are power pole specialists, and we can complete your private power pole installation from start to finish.

Who’s responsibility is a Private Power Pole?

If you have a private power pole on your property it is classed as an electrical asset and becomes the home or business owner’s responsibility to safely maintain.

Private poles need to be regularly inspected and maintained. This needs to be done by an authorised contractor. CCOH are authorised service providers and can help you with this.

Regular visual inspections of your private power pole need to be done. If you notice any of the following it is important to contact RJ Fowler Electrical/Central Coast Overheads and Undergrounds so that your pole can be inspected by our authorised electricians.

  • Poles that are showing signs of rot or have large cracks
  • Termite damage
  • Poles that are leaning or unstable
  • Poles that have signs of rust
  • Overhanging branches/trees growing too close to powerlines
  • Damaged or low hanging wires/cable
  • Damaged crossarms or pole fittings

Find out more information on Private poles bushfire safety guide

What type of Private Power Pole do I need?

Central Coast Overheads & Undergrounds/RJ Fowler Electrical have been installing private power poles across the Central Coast for over 10 years and know what type and size poles are required to ensure the safe connection of your power and to comply with the NSW service rules and AS3000.

The two main types of power poles used across the Central Coast are Treated Hardwood Timber poles and Galvanised Steel poles. There are advantages and disadvantages for both poles.

Timber Poles

Private timber power poles are made from Treated Hardwood and a

Variety of heights. Timber power poles have a lifespan of anywhere

 Between 30 – 50 years depending on the environment. All our Timber poles are treated CCA treated.

Are more natural looking and can have character.

Timber poles can get termites or rot but with regular pole inspections and/or treatments the life expectancy is much more than a steel pole.

Cables from the network supply will neatly be attached to the outside    of the pole in electrical conduit

Timber pole

Steel Poles

Depending on the weather conditions and areas around the Central Coast,

Galvanised Steel poles have a life expectancy of approx. 10-15years.

Steel poles do tend to rust at the bottom and tops of poles in Coastal areas.

Steel poles can be painted, and some residents find them more aesthetically pleasing.

With a steel pole, cables are run on the inside of the private pole and therefore more hidden.

Did you know that a telephone line can not be attached to a steel pole!

Steel pole

Composite Poles

Composite power poles can also be used. They have many benefits. Composite poles are rust, termite, rot proof and fireproof.

Just like steel poles, composite poles have the cables tun on the inside

The diameter of these poles is larger than both the timber and steel poles

Composite poles can be ordered upon request

How much is a Private Power Pole?

RJ Fowler Electrical/Central Coast Overheads and Undergrounds can use their private power pole expertise and provide you with a no obligation free quote by clicking here or give us a call as we are always happy to answer your questions regarding Private power poles installation and replacements.

The cost of a private pole will depend on what is required to safely complete your job. Some of the factors to consider when pricing to install or replace a defective power pole are:

  • Is it supply and installation only?
  • Does the old or defective pole need to be removed
  • What height the pole needs to be to meet rules and standards
  • How much cable is needed?
  • Can the old cable be used?
  • Level 2 electricians
  • Do I live in an area where I may require rock drilling?
  • Access issues

Check out what Ausgrid have to say regarding Private Power Poles responsibilities and pricing covid-safe

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