power pole installations

Power Poles play an important role in our electrical infrastructure here on the Central Coast. Power Poles carry the power lines that provides electricity to our homes and businesses.

If you have a power pole on your property it is classed as an electrical asset and this private power pole becomes the home or business owners’ responsibility to safely maintain.

To avoid minimal disruption to your home or business, it is crucial that you understand your responsibilities and the process involved in power pole installations and replacements. When it comes to Power Pole installations on the Central Coast RJ Fowler Electrical are the power pole specialists who have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to safely complete your power pole installation. RJ Fowler Electrical pride ourselves in our quality workmanship, safety and our efficient power pole installation procedures leaving our customers satisfied and happy to know they are in the best hands.

What is a private Power Pole?

A private power pole is an electrical asset that becomes the home or business owners’ responsibility. Private power poles form part of the way that vital electricity that is bought to your premises either through overhead or underground power lines.

A private power pole may also be used to connect telecommunications to your property, used for carpark and flood lighting or provide temporary power to a property you are building or renovating, also known as a Temporary builders pole.

Private power poles come in varies sizes and are made from varies materials including hardwood timber and steel.

Who’s responsibility is a Private Power Pole?

If you have a private power pole on your property it is classed as an electrical asset and becomes the home or business owner’s responsibility to safely maintain.

Regular visual inspections of your private power pole need to be completed. If your power pole needs replacing it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure this is done.

Not only are you responsible to ensure the power pole is maintained but you also need to ensure that trees and branches are not growing too close to the powerlines.

Why do I need to replace my Private Power Pole?

Regular visual inspections of your private power pole need to be completed. If you notice any of the following, it may be time to replace your power pole: Rot or large cracks, termite damage, leaning or unstable, signs of rust, damaged cross arms or power pole fittings.

Just like everything, power poles also have a lifespan. Depending on the material but a power pole may have a lifespan from 10-50years. Different factors will affect the life span like, weather conditions, termite damage, physical damage and being close to water.

An Ausgrid defect may be received for a defective power pole. What does this mean? Contact RJ Fowler Electrical today and they can rectify this defect and make your private power safe once again to avoid minimal power disruptions.

Private power pole Installation or replacement process

Replacing a private power pole should be replaced by a licensed electrical contractor. When engaging in a contractor it is important to look for someone who is fully accredited and experienced in power pole installation. Ensure that the contractor is fully insured, licenced, experienced, equipment used is certified and that they have power poles in stock to avoid disruption, especially in those emergency situations.

RJ Fowler Electrical qualified level 2 electrician and experienced power pole installers will complete a thorough evaluation and determine if a power pole replacement is necessary. As part of the power pole installation your power will need to be disconnected. The powerlines will be disconnected from the defective power pole, the new power pole will be installed and then the powerlines will be reconnected. This process will be done as carefully and as quick as possible to minimize disruption.

What type of Private Power Pole do I need?

RJ Fowler Electrical have been completing power pole installation across the Central Coast for over 15 years and know what type and size poles are required to ensure the safe connection of your power and to comply with the NSW service rules and AS3000.

The two main types of power poles used across the Central Coast are Treated Hardwood Timber power poles and Galvanised Steel power poles. There are advantages and disadvantages for both power poles.

Timber Power Poles

Private timber power poles are made from Treated Hardwood and come in a variety of heights. Timber power poles have a lifespan of anywhere. Between 30 – 50 years depending on the environment. All our Timber power poles are CCA treated. Are more natural looking and can have character. Timber poles can get termites or rot but with regular pole inspections and/or treatments the life expectancy is much more than a steel pole.

Cables from the network supply will neatly be attached to the outside of the pole in electrical conduit.

Steel Power Poles

Depending on the weather conditions and areas around the Central Coast, Galvanised Steel power poles have a life expectancy of approx. 10-15years. Steel power poles do tend to rust at the bottom and tops of poles in Coastal areas. Steel power poles can be painted, and some residents find them more aesthetically pleasing. With a steel pole, cables are run on the inside of the private pole and therefore more hidden.

Did you know that a telephone line cannot be attached to a steel pole!

Why use RJ Fowler Electrical for power pole installation?

We have both Timber and steel power poles in stock ready for installation with our specialised crane truck and our experienced power pole installers.

• We can supply your private power pole. If you are not sure what private power pole you require, timber or steel, we can advise you

• We can replace your defective power pole. Have you received a defect notice from Ausgrid, is your power pole showing signs of ageing or wear and tear, has your pole fallen due to storm damage? We can replace your private power pole with power poles in stock and our specialised crane truck

• We can install your private power pole. We are an Accredited Service Provider and know the rules and regulations of installing private power poles on your property. We have a specialised crane truck to carry and install your private power pole and experienced power pole installers

• We can connect your private power pole. Our Level 2 Electricians are accredited with Ausgrid and are authorised to connect you to the supply network

• We can inspect your private power pole. We can assist with power pole inspections so that you get the longest life span possible from your private power pole