Switchboard Upgrade

Have you ever wondered what it means to get an electrical switchboard upgrade? Has your central coast electrician suggested you need a switchboard upgrade due to adding a pool or renovation to your property? Perhaps the thought of updating your switchboard has crossed your mind. It is advantageous to learn more about switchboard upgrades before proceeding with one.

So, let us take a better look at a switchboard upgrade, from its definition and process to its benefits. We like to keep it simple so here’s what you should know.


What Is an Electrical Switchboard?

An electrical switchboard is the hub of your home. For your family to safely use electricity in your home, it needs to travel through overhead or underground powerlines to your home going through an electricity meter and then going to different circuits in your home.

These meters and circuits are in a box called an Electrical Switchboard.


When to Get an Electrical Switchboard Upgrade?

There are many reasons why you may need an electrical switchboard upgrade and here are some of those reasons why you may need to update your switchboard.

When it is outdated

Your electrical switchboard should be up to date with current rules & regulations so that it ensures the safety of you & your family.

Does your electrical switchboard have an old asbestos panel? Does it have old porcelain fuses? It might be time for an electrical switchboard upgrade.

Often when upgrading your old meters to a new smart meter, meter installers are not allowed to drill into asbestos boards requiring you to have this rectified first. Luckily at RJ Fowler Electrical our qualified level 2 electricians can safely take care of your electrical switchboard upgrade from start to finish.

When it is overloaded

Overtime your homes power consumption will increase with the amount of people living there, the appliances being used, extensions, renovations, air conditioning and pools etc.

With more load put on your electricity supply you may notice things like lights flickering, switches tripping, buzzing coming from the switchboard and even electric shocks.

If you notice any of these signs, contact a certified level 2 electrician to have it checked and keep your family safe.


What is involved in an Electrical Switchboard Upgrade?

Dealing with electricity can be very dangerous to the untrained, this is why it is important to engage in an experienced and qualified level 2 electrician.

Our experienced level 2 electrician have the skills and knowledge to complete a thorough investigation of your current switchboard and work with you to ensure that the switchboard upgrade will meet the needs and demands of your electricity usage.

Each switchboard upgrade will vary depending on what you have in your home. The most important thing when completing a switchboard upgrade is that it complies with current rules, regulations and meets the Australian Electrical Standards and you and your family are safe.

You may have heard of service fuses, circuit breakers, RCD’s (Residual Current Device) MEN (Main Earthed Neutral) and Electricity Meters. These are all in your switchboard and play a very important role to keeping you safe. All or some of these will be replaced when completing a switchboard upgrade.

When your switchboard upgrade is completed, our Level 2 Electrician will complete some mandatory testing to ensure everything is completed to standard, we also submit required paperwork to Ausgrid including a CCEW (Certificate Compliance Electrical Works).

When having your switchboard upgrade you may also need to upgrade your consumers mains These consumers mains are the cable coming into your house. They may be attached to a private pole or go overhead or underground to your house. Upgrading your consumers mains involves upgrading the size of the cable allowing for larger loads to be connected eg/ Airconditioning, spa, new pole, 3 phase machines and induction stoves.


Engage in a Level 2 Electrician for an Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

Are you planning to hire an experienced and reliable level 2 electrician for an electrical switchboard upgrade? RJ Fowler Electrical can provide you with a free quote and brings you high-quality electrical solutions. For more information about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call 0418 456 110 now.