level 2 electrician

The electrical services industry can be difficult to comprehend and dangerous for the unqualified posing many risks. It provides more than just electrical solutions; the field also has highly skilled service providers with different levels of accreditation, such as a level 2 electrician.

So, let us dig deeper into what level 2 electricians do to help you get to know these professionals and find out when to call one. Read on to learn more now.


Getting to Know Level 2 Electricians

A level 2 electrician is a licenced professional authorised to work on services from your commercial, industrial and residential properties to the electrical supply network.

Level 2 Electricians are also known as Accredited Service Provider, Authorised Service Provider or ASP.  

To be an Accredited Service Provider, you must first be a licenced Electrician and then undertake further intensive training. Once training is complete, they then must apply for accreditation through the relevant network eg Ausgrid.

These Accredited Level 2 Electricians are then qualified to install, repair, and maintain the overhead and underground electrical supply network of various properties.


When to Call Level 2 Electricians?

There are many reasons you may require the expertise of a Level 2 Electrician, and when you do, ensure that they are qualified, Accredited and experienced to complete the works you require.

Level 2 Electricians can not only work on the overhead and underground power from your home or business to the supply network, they can provide switchboard upgrades, Installing and connecting private power poles, 3 phase upgrades, temporary power for knock down rebuilds or renovations, repair Point Of Attachments, rectify Ausgrid defects and permanent power disconnections.


Difference Between an Ordinary Electrician and a Level 2 Electrician

Dealing with any type of electrical work comes with risks and should be completed by a licenced electrician. Rules and regulations must be strictly adhered too to ensure the safety of you and your family. Even the briefest contact with electricity can have serious consequences for a persons health and safety and this is why you should always use a qualified electrician.

Thus, when dealing with electrical problems, hire the right expert. But how do we know the difference between ordinary and level 2 electricians?


Ordinary Electricians

A qualified electrician can design, install, maintain and trouble shoot electrical wiring systems. They can include installation of lighting, power circuits, fault finding, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment to your home, office or business.


Level 2 Electricians

An Accredited Level 2 Electrician can do all of the above plus more. Level 2 Electricians also work on the overhead and underground service line between your home, business and the supply network on the street.

To be able to perform Level 2 Electrical work, the qualified electrician must complete more extensive and specialised training and be accredited under the ASP Scheme. These qualifications and accreditation must be renewed every year.


Level 2 Electricians or ASP may be accredited in various classes:

Class 2A – Disconnection and reconnection – This allows a Level 2 Electrician to disconnect and reconnect power to your home or business

Class 2B – Underground Services – This allows a Level 2 Electrician work on underground services form your home or business to the network supply. Removing, replacing, and installing new underground power

Class 2C – Overhead Services – This allows the Level 2 Electrician to work on overhead service lines.

Class 2D – Metering & Energising. This allows the Level 2 Electrician to install metering and protection devices

Class 2X – Qualified Safety Observer. Every Level 2 Electrician that uses an Elevated Work Platform (EWP) must have a certified EWP and a qualified Safety Observer


Services Offered by Level 2 Electricians

Level 2 electricians offer a wide array of professional services, which are essential to ensure the safety and functionality of the electrical wiring and connection in your home and business.

Below are some of the many services offered by level 2 accredited electricians:

  • Power Pole Supply and Installations
  • Electrical Switchboard Upgrade
  • Ausgrid Defect Notices
  • Disconnection and Reconnection
  • 3 Phase Upgrades
  • Overhead and Underground Power Installations and Repairs
  • Point Of Attachment


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